Games & Figures


Wargame Vault – Excellent resource for downloadable rules and suppliments


Dystopian Wars – Weird Victorian Naval battles
Malifaux – Dystopian skirmish set in an alternative plane of existence


Firestorm Armada

Firestorm Armada – Space combat, from the same camp as Dystopian Wars
The Black Ocean – Excellent general Space Combat Site


Infinity – Sci-Fi Skirmish
Army Infinity – Official Infinity Army builder
Beasts of War – Excellent section covering Infinity
Paper Make IT – Excellent range of card scenery
Aleph Toolbox – An excellent unofficial Army builder plugin for Google Chrome. Just go to the web store and search for ‘Aleph toolbox’


Gruntz – Company level SciFi warfare in 15mm


Warmachine & Hordes

Warmachine & Hordes – Linked system, mid size Fantasy combat games
Beasts of War – Warmachine section
Beasts of War – Hordes section

Anima Tactics

Anima Tactics – Anime style skirmish


Flames of War

Flames of War – Company level WWII warfare in 15mm
Easy Army – FoW Army Creator
Beast of War – FoW section

Bolt Action

Bolt Action – Platoon level WWII warfare in 28mm
Bolt Action .NET – Unofficial Bolt Action Blog Site

Operation Squad

Operation Squad – Squad level WWII warfare in 28mm


Flames of War – A nice rules extension to the FoW rules with great figures
Peter Pig – A nice range of figures and vehicles
Paper Make IT – Some excellent paper models of Sampan’s (will need rescaling)

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