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As my time seems to be ever in short supply these days I’m having a push at finishing some of those models that I have sitting around part painted (will then have more shelf space to fill with more half painted miniatures). So with this in mind and the new Version of Warzone Resurrection now available I thought I’d turn my attention to my Praetorian Goliath.

I started this some time ago and kind of stopped because I didn’t quite know what to do with the cloak. It has sort of an inner and outer cloak arrangement and I had painted the inner cloak but then hit that point of indecision regarding the rest. After several months of staring at it I’ve decided to paint both to match so I thought that this would be a good opportunity to show how I achieved the finished version (nice to show a side by side sometimes).

So here is where I started, the complete inner cloak with the outer cloak unpainted.

First thing is to lay down a coat of Vallejo Flat Brown. This isn’t the darkest shade but is the majority colour and a good starting point for the lighter shades.

Next I go in with a 2:1 mix of Vallejo Beige Brown and Flat Brown. I’ve kept this fairly thin and painted several coats working quickly and loosely as this helps avoid any sharp colour edges. This is just an intermediate layer to make the blend more even, always important with cloth.

Once it’s all dry I use pure Beige Brown to start to hit the raised areas of the cloak properly. This gives them some definition. Again keep the paint slightly liquid so you can work it in and blend as you go if necessary.

My final highlight is Vallejo Tan-Earth. This just pushes some definition into the top edges of the folds in the cloth. Don’t go too wild with this (this looks like a lot but it’s a big miniature).

Once the top layers are done it’s time to add in some shade. For this I use Reaper Master Series Brown Liner. I just love this paint (not sure if it is a paint to be honest) as it can be used to pick up dark lines or add shading to areas and has a translucent look to it once watered down a little.


So there you go, once the model is all finished I’ll probable go back and add some weathering powder to the edges but it all depends on how the final model looks (I never make a final decision on weathering until the model is completely painted). Quite a quick piece of work but I’m happy with the look and it’s one step closer to finishing the model.

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