Back from the wilderness

Well it’s been a strange few weeks, a mixture of work and home life has made it almost impossible to blog, despite having tried on numerous occasions, but things are back on track now. That’s not to say I haven’t been able to do some gaming and scenery building, it’s just been a lot less and more fragmentary than usual.
So this post is really just a catch up on what’s been going on.


This is still one of my favourite games right now. As fun, fast and strategic games go it’s hard to beat. Due to lack of time to paint models, especially detailed ones, I’ve been concentrating on building scenery These are a few of the finished and not so finished items that are now gracing my tabletop.

The MDF scenery is a mixture of Lost Village Terrain and TTCombat, while the resin shrine is from GCT. The various Buddhas are courtesy of my 3D printer, a real blessing when you want things at a mix of sizes.

Konflikt ’47

For those of you who like a bit of weird WWII or want to take your Bolt Action games in a new direction then this one of for you. Konflikt ’47 uses the Bolt Action rules (well most of them with a few twists and additions)  and slaps it into a new setting. The year is 1947 and the second world war hasn’t ended. Nuclear tests have opened up conduits to aliens who are feeding technology to the different forces (I’m not describing this very well). The result is a game of familiar WWII armies with walkers, combat armour and even a few undead thrown into the  mix (at least if you play the Germans).

This game is a heap of fun to play and surprisingly doesn’t feel just like a Bolt Action rehash. If you already have a Bolt Action force and just want to ad to it over time then just pick up the hardback rulebook, otherwise the starter sets are excellent value for money.

Here we seem a German Spinne walker (mine is modded to a closed turret version) and a Panzer IV X with a nice gravity gun. In front are some Shreckwulfen (these are West Wind as the official ones aren’t available as I write this) and some Totenkorps (some metal from the starter set and some plastic from Studio Miniatures).

Far Shores

I’ve also been busy making some changes to my own games system to incorporate some feedback from playtesters and add a few tweaks here and there. This all takes time but I want to get this right. Figure sculpting has unfortunately been put on hold right now due to my recent illness meaning that I didn’t have time to dedicate to working with a sculptor but hopefully this should get going again real soon.

Colours 2016

Next weekend (Saturday 10th September) I’m off to a show. Colours 2016 is taking place at Newbury Racecourse and should be a lot of fun. I’ve never been to the show before but it’s probably going to be my last show of the year so I’m going to make the most of it. I’ll make sure to get plenty of pictures and will be beaming them to you via the blog for my next post.

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Long term Wargamer and dice hugger. My preferences tend towards Fantasy and Sci-Fi but I have a strong interest in the WWII and Vietnam gaming eras.
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