Bushido Tokens

Most games these days rely on tokens to keep track of figure states and Bushido is not exception. Now you can of course just download, print and cut out the tokens from the Bushido website (couldn’t find them when I looked, they are hard to find) but I always find this a frustrating endeavor resulting in tokens that barely last a couple of games. Luckily there is always a company ready to release laser cut tokens sooner or later, in this case Blotz have stepped up to meet the need.

You will find a range of tokens available to meet most if not all of your game needs. Each is laser cut from 3mm acrylic and you even get a choice of colours at a very reasonable price. I recently picked up a few bags of basic Ki, Tired and Exhausted tokens from my local game store (support your local FLGS!) in white acrylic. White is a good colour for basic tokens as I can colour code the inking so that I don’t have to remember what the symbols mean (keep forgetting which is which already 🙁 ).

Like most acrylic tokens the one thing you don’t get is inking of the text or symbols, this is something that you have to do yourself. Luckily this is quick, cheap and easy, so I thought I’d show you one simple technique.

Inking Your Tokens

So we want to get our tokens from an unreadable uninked state to a readable inked state.

For this the first thing you will need is some way crayons. If like me you don’t have young kids to borrow them from you will need to go buy a set, luckily these are available in most supermarkets and will probably set you back £1 or less.

For the next step I strongly suggest putting down some old scrap paper to work on as it makes a horrible mess. Using your wax crayon (in whatever colour you choose) rub it across the etched side of the token until the symbol is entirely filled with the wax. You will probably break a few crayons doing this but that is normal so don’t worry about it.

The next step is somewhat dependent on whether you removed the plastic film from the tokens before waxing them (did I mention that the tokens have a plastic film front and back that you have to peel off). If you left the film on now is a good time to remove it, you will find that if you are lucky this will take most of the unwanted wax with it without removing any from the etched area (this doesn’t always work).

This next step will have to be done whether you left the film on or not but is easier if you left it on while applying the wax. Take some paper towel and rub the surface of the token until all the excess wax has been removed, taking care not to push into the etched area as this will remove the wax from where you want it. When that is all done you will have your finished token all ready for your gaming table.

Once you get into a routine inking your tokens in this way is very fast, it took me about 15 minutes to do 10 Ki tokens. To make life easier I used three different colours for my three token types but you can use whatever colour(s) you like.


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    I use blotz tokens, cheap and easy!

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