Painting Catch Up Week

So this week has been a little better for gaming and I’ve managed to find time to actually finish a few models that have been sitting around since before Christmas. As I’m spending a fair bit of my game time playing Warzone Resurrection right now I thought it would be a good idea to focus on finishing some of my favourite units as these will see more tabletop time.


These have been sitting around almost finished for a few weeks (you can see some other articles on painting these here) and I’ve already used them in a couple of games to good effect. The last bits I had to finish on these were a few minor details (and as usual these are the bits that hold up me finishing models 🙁 ), things like the sword, crests and some minor armour touch ups.

2016-01-10 14.42.40_1

Venusian Rangers

These have to be one of the best support units for Bauhaus or even troop choices if you use Max Steiner as your Warlord. I wanted to give these a different feel to the rest of my army so went with a cool grey colour, balanced out by the orange brown cloaks. I’m fairly happy with the way these turned out and they will be featuring on my list for Wednesday nights game.

Max Steiner

Every army needs a Warlord and I’m a sucker for Max Steiner. He’s a great ranged combat choice and allows you to take Venusian Rangers as troop units instead of support choices (if you play Warzone you will know how good this is). As he’s the leader of the Venusian Rangers I thought I’d stick with their colour scheme rather than follow the rest of the army.

2016-01-10 14.42.14_1

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