Giant Golem

One of the worse things about being on training courses (and I have a total of four straight weeks to endure) is that spare time soon disappears as after hours studying and sleeping take over. So image my surprise when I walked in the door today to find my wave 2 Wolsung Kickstarter pledge has arrived.

(Apologies for the images in this post being a bit strange, no idea why WordPress is being weird. I’ll try and sort them out when I get time. For now just click them to see undistorted but still rotated versions)

Now there were a few items in the box that I’ve been looking forward to receiving but one has had me waiting with bated breath and it hasn’t disappointed me. I now have my Giant Golem and boy is it Giant.

I’m not going to say too much about the model in game for now (I’ll try and do a Wolsung review at some point in the future) but this model allows you to play PvP, co-operative and solo games, so it should be a lot of fun. It ships with a full set of high quality game cards and apart from assembly is all ready to go. To give you some idea of it’s size here is a picture of an early version of the model.

So far so good. Now I consider myself to be a gamer and modeler of some experience, with more than a few nightmare kits behind me, but this is something else! Don’t get me wrong, this is a lovely kit, sculpted and cast (in resin) for Micro Art Studio by Prodos, with a level of detail that is second to none. The problem is I have no idea about how at least half of it fits together. I’ve spend about 45 minutes trying to fit bits and so far about 50% of the model eludes me. The problem is that the model has various weapon options and I of course want to maximise as much as possible, so understanding where it all goes is crucial.

Hopefully over the next week or so Micro Art Studio will post up some images of how to assemble this beast, but until then I think mine will sadly be staying in its box (not that I have time to build models right now). But I’m really looking forward to getting this assembled it all it’s magnetic goodness as I can think of plenty of uses for it but for Wolsung and other game systems.



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  1. Think you meant Walked in the door……..yes, I do follow what you write with interest…but maybe you passed on too much info this time. I get excited over new models too……but not as happy as you obviously!

    After that sideways cheap jibe….the model looks AWESOME

    • Jarec says:

      Oops! 🙂
      Well it’s finally time for a new keyboard. This one now has some number keys that don’t work, the up arrow and space bar are intermittent and some keys transpose themselves. Easier to write my posts on my tablet than the PC these days, even with the stupid Americanised predictive text thought police app that I can’t dissable
      Interesting that WordPress’ spell checker complains about “Americanised” but not certain other words

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