Smoke and Flares

This week I’ve been a bit busy so my gaming time has been a little short but I’ve found some time to make some flare markers for my Warzone Resurrection Bauhaus army. Of course you could use these for any other game system you wanted and even use them for burning vehicle markers with a little bit of added paintwork. So here’s a finished marker and I’ll quickly go through the steps I followed to make it.


First thing you are going to need is some clump foliage material (if you make gaming scenery I presume you will have some of this somewhere) and a piece of wire (straightened out paperclips are perfect for this).

Step 1

First thing you need to do is to thread your chosen clump foliage onto your wire. I try to go from thinner sections to wider pieces to give the impression of the smoke spreading as it rises. If you are making flares then the colour isn’t really an issue but for flames you may need to be more choosy. I’ve already made a green flare so I thought I’d make this one red for contrast.

I’ve added a slightly darker red/brown piece at the end to look like darkening smoke but you don’t have to do this.

Step 2

Once you have everything the way you like it give the wire a bend to look like the smoke is drafting. It doesn’t need much but will make the finished effect look a lot more reasistic.

Step 3

For step 3 just give your smoke a good coating of Superglue (use the cheap stuff from the £1 for this, don’t wast money on good stuff). This will hold everything in place and make the foliage go stiff and harder wearing. Then hang it up for a while to dry. (warning the foliage will probably be slightly sticky even once the glue has dried)

Step 4

The last step is to give your smoke a drybrush with some Grey, White or Black paint. This helps to pick out the detail and blend any colour changes in the Foliage.

Once this has dried give it a spray with some matt varnish or cheap hairspray (hairspray is better) to get rid of the stickiness. Base and your all done.

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