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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had an idea for a set of simple rules and was going to write them up and publish them on the blog. Well I haven’t forgotten and I’m still working on them when I get time but I thought that I’d just give you all a quick rundown on them.


So when and where is the game set. So far the back story (such as there is one) is that the year is 2222 (that’s also the working title so far) and the world is controlled by Mega Corporations. In their struggle to gain new markets they fight wars to win cities and manufacturing facilities (hostile takeover at its best). But as they have no wish to kill any customers or damage anything they might have to pay to fix they instead fight battles in vast arenas. These arenas can be anything from an abandoned city sector, open terrain or a purpose built area (the 2220 war of New Memphis was fought on water using watercraft and Hovertanks). The battles are beamed around the world and out to the colonies where they are a welcome distraction from peoples otherwise boring Utopian lives.


All the units in the game are energy powered using huge capacitors charged by an onboard generator. Each round these capacitors are charged to their current maximum capacity (it decreases with damage) by the generator and then are used during the round to power shields, movement and weapons.

You can’t spend more Energy than you have in your Capacitors, so use it wisely.


All units have a movement stat line something like this (may change the way this looks).

0 – 4 – 1E

Meaning that the vehicle has a minimum speed of 0, a maximum speed of 4 and costs 1 Energy to travel faster than its minimum speed.


Weapons are also powered by the Energy stored in the units Capacitors and have a similar stat line.

3 – 10 – 2E

Meaning that the player rolls 3D6 when they fire the weapon, the maximum range is 10 and it uses 2 Energy to fire.

I’m still sorting out firing arcs and I have some ideas concerning bombs for flyers, and Artillery weapons but I don’t want to over complicate things so they need work.


Combat is nice and quick so as not to slow the game down. All you do is roll the number of dice listed for the weapon (there may be ways to add or decrease this number) and apply any modifiers to each dice.

On a modified result of 4+ the dice causes a hit. Hits for units are totalled for each initiative phase (still working on this idea) and if the total is greater than the target units current Energy Capacitor value, then the Capacitor has been overloaded and its capacity is reduced by one. In addition any dice that roll a natural 6 automatically reduce the Capacitor by one point.

Once a units Capacitor is reduced to 0 then it shuts down and can play no more part in the battle, unless it’s Capacitor can be replaced (idea only so far).


Still a work in progress but I’m thinking that each unit has an Initiative value. Each turn players roll 1D6 as an Initiative modifier. Units are then activated in order of highest Initiative + modifier to lowest.

So that’s about it as quick overviews go, in fact as rules go they almost work just like that (they did when I test ran them anyway). I’m slowly getting them written up, bugs ironed out and units designed, so hopefully they will be available soonish. Until then if you have any questions or ideas feel free to ask as I would like to keep these as a living rules set that anyone can contribute to.

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