Quick Hint #74

Start your own gaming blog

Seriously give it a go, you really won’t regret it. There are plenty of ways to start your own blog and they needn’t cost you a penny.

If you have a look around the internet you will find blogs written by everyone from battle hardened pro’s to beginners and they are all worth reading. None of us have played it all or tried every technique and their is always room to learn. Don’t feel that you have to post regularly (my schedule of 1 Quick Hint and a longer weekend post every week for the last 18 months is a little grueling sometimes), just post what you think people will be interested in whenever it suits you. And don’t think that it just applies to individuals either; game shops and local clubs can really add to the blogisphere whilst getting some great exposure for themselves.

Personally I’ve had a great time blogging and have no plans to stop anytime soon. I have definitely played more different games and painted more models since I started than ever before, plus met some great people along the way.

About Jarec

Long term Wargamer and dice hugger. My preferences tend towards Fantasy and Sci-Fi but I have a strong interest in the WWII and Vietnam gaming eras.
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