Quick Hint # 70

Next time you want to make some counters for a game here is a nice quick tip for making fast and durable counters.

First thing you need is an image of the counters you can print on your computer; a pdf, jpg or scan will do.

Next you need some sheets of label paper. I got some A4 sheets from the cheap store that contains four labels per page, but if you can get full page sheets it’s even better. Load these up into your printer and print your labels (it helps if you have some graphics software for this that allows you to position the labels on the page).

Get hold of a cork floor or wall tile (I always have some around for making scenery bases). Peel off the back of your counters (don’t cut them up first if you don’t need to) and stick them down on the cork. Now cut them out as usual.


There you have it, cheap, light and durable counters without the need for any glue. As a plus they are also thicker than just gluing them onto art board or regular card, so they are easier to pick up on the game table.

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