Quick Hint #64

Rocks are always a common theme when it comes to figure bases and used correctly they can add a great sense of scale and drama to a figure or diorama. While there are numerous tutorials out there showing you how to make realistic rocks I’m still a firm believer that you just can’t beat using real rocks. One of my favourite for this is slate as it has a great level of texture detail and where I live it is rather plentiful as it’s a common garden soil covering. Another advantage of using slate is the weight; while this can make your figure box a little heavy it’s great for balancing tall or badly weighted figures (we’ve all had the figure that always falls flat on its face because the sword is too long and heavy).

You can either paint your chosen piece of rock or simply leave it alone if it has nice colours (some sandstones have great colour bands running through them), but whatever you do make sure you give your rock a good wash and scrub first to get rid of any loose pieces and dust.

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