Quick Hint #58

Smooth Paint Finishes

We all want our models to have nice smooth colours without brush marks but if you don’t have access to an airbrush this can seem difficult to achieve.

The best way to get a smooth result with brush application is to thin your paint down until it’s almost starting to become transparent, not quite a wash but very watery. For this I tend to use Acrylic Thinners or a mix of Water and Acrylic Drying Retarder as this keeps the paint from drying out longer than using water alone. Once you have your paint to the right consistency simply apply it to your model with a regular brush. You will most likely need to apply several coats to get a good colour depth and you will need to be patient and let it dry thoroughly after each coat, but the finished result will be an even coat of paint with no brush marks.

The reason this works is that the slower drying time of the paint allows the surface to settle to a smooth finish as each layer dries. One effect of this is that the paint can become very glossy when it’s dry, but a coat of Matt Varnish will soon remove this.

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