Quick Hint #55

If I asked you what you do with your clamshell cases (those plastic boxes figures often come in these days) I bet most of you would say you bin them. Now if I said that these can add about 10 pence to the cost of the figure (packaging isn’t cheap) and that they have a lot of other uses would you still bin them?

So here are just a few of the uses you can put your old clamshell cases to:

  • Storing dice, counters and tokens
  • Storing game cards (at least in some of the larger ones)
  • Holding odd bits whilst modeling
  • Wet palettes
  • Paint palettes (cut the lid off to get two from one case)
  • Mixing thinned PVA glue and washes
  • Storing Flock  and other scenic materials
  • Clear plastic to use as window glass in model buildings
  • Glue paper tokens to them to strengthen them

Clamshell Cases

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