Quick Hint #53

Every once in a while you get a model with joints that are simply too big or too heavy for simply using good old Superglue and you have to resort to something a lot stronger. The problem is that this usually means an epoxy glue with an extended cure time, often several hours. This always introduces problems with supporting the joint in place while the glue sets and can lead to many frustrating attempts using everything from tape to Blu-Tack to try to hold everything in place.

A simple solution to this is to use Superglue as a temporary joint whilst everything else is setting. All you have to do is leave a couple of small areas clear of the slow setting glue and use Superglue on those points to create a fast join. It won’t be that strong but will hold everything in place until your main glue sets. On some joint you can even hold the pieces together and then just feed some Superglue along the joint line so it naturally runs into the joint edges (cheap thin Superglue is ideal for this).

Hope this little trick saves you a few hours of frustration.

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