Quick Hint #50

Avoid Paint Contamination

I don’t know about you but where I live the water is rather chalky and full of additives the water company puts in it. In fact I can guarantee that if you pour a glass of tap water and let it settle for a couple of hours you will find some sort of sediment at the bottom (ever wonder why cats often don’t like tap water?). Now this is not good for us painters as anything that can discolour your paint will, either making your blacks and blues slightly chalky or tinting your whites red depending upon what’s in your local water.

One way to avoid this is to used distilled water, which you can get from a local store, but this can become expensive quickly. A cheap alternative is to use rain water. We have a water collector in my garden which is permanently full of pure water, free from chemicals and the contents of the local soil, but you can just stick a jar out in the rain and it will soon fill up. I have a plastic drinks bottle that I just fill up as I need to. All I do is pour the water through a piece of cloth to get rid of the odd spider or piece of twig from the gutter and it’s good to use. Quick, uncontaminated and free.

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