Quick Hint #48

Don’t Mix Paint Unnecessarily

A big mistake many figure painters make is to mix paint when they don’t need to. Now back in the olden days (pre mid 90’s) the colour variations available to us figure painters were rather limited, meaning that we had a choice between using very generic colour schemes or mixing our own colours. The problem with this is that trying to remix the exact same colour is very difficult (far worse for me as I’m colour blind), not such a problem for one off figures but a real issue if you are painting multiple squads or regiments. Even slight colour variations can stand out amongst ranks of figures. Even when painting a single figure having to remix colours for touch-ups can cause issues, especially as paint rarely dries to the same colour as when wet.

So back to my point. We are now in an age when there are a huge range of colours available, often with very subtle colour differences. So next time you need a particular hue of brown don’t take the risk of mixing a colour, just use a colour straight out of the bottle and next time you need to use it you know it will be the same (OK colours do vary slightly between batches, but not by much). It’s quicker and more reliable than mixing colours.

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