Quick Hint #8

Sourcing Scenery Pieces

One of the greatest joys as a scenery maker is finding that piece of something else that can be leveraged into some new project. This can be something as small as a ribbed pipe or air vent cover or as large as a building superstructure. It can take some time to learn to look at items with an eye to disassembly but in time the ideas will start to come thick and fast, often to the surprise and suspicion of your other half (mine has stopped asking what I want stuff for and now just rolls her eyes in a ‘here we go again’ fashion).

Below are a few ideas of where to look for these little gems:

  • Boot Fairs: An endless source of cheap old toys, model railway pieces and general cheap items ready for disassembly.
  • Pound Stores: For a long time I avoided these sort of shops as they are generally hot and crowded. But after being dragged into one some time ago I’ve become a convert.
  • Woodland Walks: A great source of wood, bark, rocks etc…
  • The Kitchen: I’ve taken to checking out every new piece of packaging that comes into the house with an eye to saving it from the bin and recycling it. This also applies to things like old jars of herbs which can provide an excellent source of ground litter for bases (and it makes your figures smell nice too 🙂 ).
  • Christmas Shops: Those wonderful little places that pop up around the festive season are an endless source of baubles, icicles and other assorted plastic shapes. These can be utilised as anything from bio domes to Elven spires.
  • Pet Shops: A great source of plastic scenery items for fish tanks (especially rocks),  Jungle plants and sand.

Here are a few examples of scenery items I’ve built using various items and some parts I’ve acquired but haven’t used yet. (Sorry for the poor image quality, took photos under artificial light)

Until next week, good hunting.

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Long term Wargamer and dice hugger. My preferences tend towards Fantasy and Sci-Fi but I have a strong interest in the WWII and Vietnam gaming eras.
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