Quick Hint #5

A middle aged bald man walks into a shop and asks to buy a cheap hairdryer. ‘Is it for your wife?’ asks the assistant, ‘no it’s for me’ the man replies. Satisfied with the model offered he pays for it and exits the store. As he walks away the shop assistant turned to his colleague and said “He must be a gamer”. 😀

Seriously though a hairdryer is a useful accessory for any figure painter or scenery modeler. They can be used for speed drying paint, glue, filler, adding ripples to water effect gel and clearing flock off your painting table [The latter will probably not make you popular as green statically charged dust gets everywhere]. Using a drier can reduce drying time of acrylic paints and washes to a couple of minutes, ideal when you are trying to get figures painted for that battle the next day.

If you can get one with variable heats and speed settings all the better, as too much heat can crack paint and melt foam. Just make sure to keep it moving over the area to be dried so you don’t get hot spots.

Luckily you probably have a person of the female persuasion in your immediate family. So there is a good chance you will be able to pick up an old discarded model just after birthdays or Christmas for free ;).

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