Quick Hints #4


Most gamers at some time or another will find the need to pin parts of a model. Various companies provide pinning solutions that include metal rods for you to cut the pins from but there are a couple of common household alternatives.

The Paperclip

These are the most likely thing you will have to hand and offer several advantages for pinning your models. Firstly they are cheap, a pot of a hundred or so will cost you a couple of pounds [try and avoid the plastic coated variety or you will have to strip the coating]. Secondly they are relatively easy to cut using modelling clippers. And lastly and possibly most usefully they are easy to bend. This allows you to make slight possition adjustments to the parts once they are glued to the pin.

The Pin

Or rather dressmakers pins. These little metal wonders make excellent pins but you need to use them with care. They have a number of advantages over paperclips that make them ideal for some jobs. Firstly they are a lot finer making them suitable for pinning small pieces [I use them to pin antenna on my Infinity models], this means you can drill a much finer and less obtrusive hole in your figures. Secondly they are rigid, this can be both an advantage and a disadvantages as you will not be able to repossition the parts afterwards.

There are however a couple of dissadvantages you need to be aware of. First they need a more heavy duty pair of snips to cut than your average figure cutters. Secondly they have a sharp point. Care must be taken when cutting them that the point doesn’t end up in the carpet or worse still your eye. [I always push the pin into a piece of blu tac or an old wine cork before cutting them to stop the point from going flying]

Well hope these give you some useful alternatives when building your figures.


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