Quick Hint #40

Ever come to use a new paint or one that hasn’t been touched in a while to find that the pigment has all settled to the bottom of the bottle. Most of the time this will result in either 15 minutes of vigorous shaking followed by wrist ache or giving up and using another colour instead.

To avoid this problem, make sure to check your paints regularly. If any appear to be settling simply rotate them to a different position, such as laying them on their side (I store my paints standing up and have a little box I use to stand them upside down). Once the pigment has shifted give them a quick shake before putting them back in their rack or whatever you keep them in.

Paint Mixing 1

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2 Responses to Quick Hint #40

  1. Tony Harwood says:

    Great tip. I once read of placing beads or ‘shot’ into paint containers and then when you shake the bottle the bead will agitate the paint and mix better. Just remember to add NON-RUSTING SHOT, and unlike me this will not ruin your paints by adding rust to them!


    • Jarec says:

      If you take a look at Hint #1 from way back in January I suggest using metal sprue off-cuts from figures. Ultimately cheap and never rusts. 🙂

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