Quick Hint #27

Coloured Flexi Paste

If you’ve ever tried to use Filler (Spackle in the US) on a base or for some scenery you will know that it can have issues with sticking, cracking and it can take a lot of time to get paint into all the ridges and texture. Here are a couple of tips that will help to solve these problems:

  • Mix PVA with your filler; this will make if stickier and more flexible, both of which are useful properties. The ratio is up to you but I normally use 1 part PVA to 3 parts Filler, more PVA will make it stickier and more flexible but will cause more shrinkage as it dries.
  • Mix paint with the filler; pre-colouring your mixture saves a lot of time trying to paint everything later. It also means that if you need to carve into your filler later on it will have a consistent colour throughout. Ratios are up to you but I usually tend to use a paint one or two shades darker and use less paint.

Bottom line with these is experiment, but I use this technique for basing all the time.

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