Quick Hint #23

Gauging Detail

I don’t know about you but when I’m painting figures or making scenery it’s sometimes difficult to decide how much detail I should add. Often adding too much detail can make a figure look unrealistic as the super detailing can make the perspective appear incorrect.

One way to get a good gauge for how much detail you should be aiming for is to take a figure of the scale you wish to paint and hold it up in front of you at a distance where it is in focus. Then keeping the figure in focus turn around until you can find a real living person (they do exist) that is at a distance where they appear to be the same size. This will then give you a good idea about what level of detail is appropriate for somebody or something of that scale.

Once you get used to doing this you should not need to use the reference figure very often. For instance I know that the house opposite me is at the almost perfect scale distance for true 28mm. So when I’m making scenery I use it as a guide for the level of detail to add.

Hope this little tip helps. Have fun and keep gaming.

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