Quick Hint #13

Wet Brushes

These little gems may not be something you are familiar with, unless you or your other half are also into art or card making. They are basically a brush with a handle that you fill with water to continuously keep the tip moist.

For model painting they are great for colour blending and washing, in fact anything where you need to keep the medium moist. Now they are not so good on fine details as the only sizes I’ve found so far have quite a large point but for scenery, vehicles etc… they are perfect. They are even useful for sculpting and scenery building where you need to keep a surface moist or smooth something out.

Anyway I would recommend that you give them a try. If nothing else they are cheap, my set of three cost me £2.99 in my local Staples. You can get better quality ones with finer tips but even these are relatively cheap.

Till next time 🙂

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