Quick Hint #37

Adding paint scratches to metal surfaces

Next time you are painting a model and wan to add that bit of work authenticity to it try adding some paint scratches. These can be harder to paint that edge wear as they tend to happen on flat surfaces and painted in scratch lines often don’t look authentic.

One solution to this is to add real scratches. It’s a four step process and while it needs a little practice it is quick and very effective.

  1. Paint the area where you want the scratches with your underlying metal colour. This is can range from steel to gunmetal and even an orange rust for older damage. Even brass or copper works well for those old Victorian pieces of hardware.
  2. Give your newly painted metal layer a coat or two of varnish, this helps prevent the final stage from removing too much of your metal underlayer.
  3. Paint the figure as usual, remembering where your scratch layer is.
  4. Using a piece of stiff wire (I usually use a folded out paper clip) “carefully” (this is where the practice comes in) scratch off your top layer of paint to expose the metal underlayer.

Varnish the model as usual and job done.

Scratches is one of those details that can easily be overdone so give some thought to how much wear the metal is likely to have had before you start scratching away but with practice you’ll get the hang of it, and the Internet is always a good source of reference photos.

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    Any example pictures or images you can show to help exemplify this?

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